Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy Weekend, Turned Not so Busy

So, the weekend was set to be a really busy one.  I went to class Friday morning, then went to work right after that.  I got off around 3:00 and I was going to go to one of the events a group was putting on for my program management class.  I decided not to go, because I wanted some sort of break.  At 5:30 I got packed up and picked up the rest of the Young Men's Presidency in our ward and we headed up to a cabin for a leadership training camp out.  I need to be careful about what I say about the camp out though, only because I know one member of the Stake Presidency reads my blog (that's for you President Jaramillo)!  Truthfully though, it seemed like it had the makings to be a really good camp out.  However, soon after I ate dinner, my stomach started to act up a little and I had a hard time concentrating on what was said at the fireside that night.  I figured I would be fine in the morning, especially since I was able to sleep in a bed, however, it did not.  After losing what was in my stomach a little after I woke up, I tried to participate in the morning events.  I finally gave up and went and took a nap for a while.  I tried to eat some lunch, but my stomach still wasn't feeling the best, so we left early so I could get some rest.  So my busy weekend turned into a lot of time lying on the couch trying to feel better, even missed church today.  Tomorrow's a new day though, so let's hope for the best!

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  1. Thanks for trying to muscle through it, Jaren! It was a really awesome retreat. I'm sure that you, and all of us, will be blessed for making the effort to participate.

    Hope you're better soon!