Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Things for the Week

In class earlier this week, our teacher, Shayne Clarke, told us that we had to buy a Coke for a stranger.  Being kind of broke, and Heather being out of a job, I was wondering how I was going to to this.  Then, a wonderful thing happened.  For my Program Management class, we had to program an event.  Luckily, ours was this last Friday and I was in charge of getting some donations for prizes.

It was a 50's theme dance, and since I work at KFC/A&W, I decided to try to get a donation from them for the dance.  They were kind and gave me five gift certificates for a large float.  So the dance was going on and we had our competitions and prizes, but we only gave out two of the large floats, ironically they went to two of our teacher's kids.  So I still had three left.  I was very tempted to keep them for myself, but I figured that wouldn't be the best thing to do.

So I watched the people dancing and an older couple really stood out to me.  They danced most of the dances and were really enjoying themselves, you could really see how much they loved each other.  So I grabbed two of the gift certificates and said that since they seemed to be having the most fun, they got to have them.  I know we were supposed to be making someone else happy, but I honestly just want my wife and me to be that happy when we get old, and so it was a joy to watch them dance!

What happened to the last gift certificate you may ask?  Well, that went to my sister for being so kind and babysitting for us!

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