Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So, just in case anyone is wondering, this is not Jaren. This is actually Heather. Jaren is caught up with finishing school and doing his internship, and lets face it, he only blogged because he had to for class. So, now I get to try my hand at it.
Beth hosted her first playdate this week. She loves playing in water and so we bought a little kiddie pool for her to play in and invited some of her little friends over (and their mothers of course). Lunch consisted of sandwiches (we had turkey-bacon, chicken with roasted red pepper and spinach, cucumber, and tuna), some cantaloupe, strawberry jicama spinach salad with homemade honey orange dressing, and frozen strawberry lemonade, with petit-fours for dessert (I finally got my cake recipe just right!)

Beth and Abby had lots of fun splashing in the pool. I was surprised at how well Beth did when she slipped and fell in. Beth loves to follow Abby around and do everything that she does. And I think both the girls loved coming and drinking their mommy's strawberry lemonades.

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